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Renters InsuranceDid you know that the Dave Martin Insurance Agency sells renters insurance? So often people spend an enormous amount of time finding the "perfect" place. They spend their days and nights looking at websites, going on appointments to view a prospective place and of course interrogating any and all on their opinion of a great place.

Well, you finally find your "nest". You schedule the rental truck or corral all your friends into helping you move your things into your great new place. Finally, everything is in its place ..... or is it? Most of the time we are so caught up in the excitement of having our own place that we forget to do one of the most important things …… to get renters insurance.

With renters insurance your things are protected against theft, vandalism, fire and smoke, and water damage from plumbing, AC or water heater. There is also family liability protection included in the policy.

Family liability Protection helps to protect you from financial loss if you're legally obligated to pay for another person's injuries or damage to another person's property. An example of this would be a friend that is visiting you trips over the rug in your living room and causes him to fall. You may be found negligent and, therefore, be legally responsible to pay for the injured person's medical bills and lost wages.

Additional Living Expense is also included if you can't live in your place due to a covered loss. This can help by reimbursing you for reasonable increases in living expenses if your place is uninhabitable. This may include payments for the cost of a hotel, food and other expenses.

Personal Property Protection covers the loss of your belongings if they are stolen or damaged. If your belongings are stolen or damaged outside of your residence ( a bike) your renters Insurance can help you repair or replace them. Like any other policy deductibles do apply and you can choose which one you would prefer.

Guest Medical Protection can help pay for reasonable and necessary medical expenses if someone is Injured in an accident in your residence. This feature can help pay for necessary medical expenses including surgery, x-ravs and dental work.

Renters insurance has the ability to add on additional coverages that you may feel are necessary like extended coverage on jewelry, watches and furs, identity theft restoration, and increased coverage on business property.

As you can see the perfect place can turn into a perfect nightmare. It doesn't have to be that way. Renters insurance is realtively inexpensive and a quote can be given right over the phone.So do yourself a favor and give us a call. We would welcome the opportunity to quote you on this often overlooked but very necessary policy.

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